Everyone wants to be a social media influencer, but only a few have what it really takes to be the master influencer.


Master Influencer is an interactive talent show facilitated by a novel social app. In the pioneering show, acclaimed social media influencers -the ‘Masters’- coach contestants in the art and craft of creating original content for social media. In an effort to demonstrate their undiscovered talents and gain viewer engagement points, contestants create and upload their fresh content to the show's dedicated social media app. The winner is the contestant who, at the end of the season, has avoided elimination and accumulated the highest total viewer points. He/she is also crowned as the newest master influencer and rewarded with the grand prize money.

The show & the app

Master Influencer does not simply extend and make use of an app in favor of a show. It converges TV and social media consumption; combining first and second screens in a single concept. Our innovative and multi-layered format offers viewers the finesse of creating original content and at the same time enables them to interact with the contestants and their content, empowering them to have a direct impact on the competition. The format also gives them the chance to create and post their own content, compete and also connect; the same way as they are used to on social media platforms. All thanks to Master Influencer's innovative format and its app, Podyum.


The zeitgeist format innovates the talent show genre with a dedicated unique app, enabling ongoing viewer interaction with the show's content even after the broadcast is over.


The viewers who download the app are able to interact with the contestants and their competing content, empowering them to have a direct impact on the outcome of the show.


With its custom algorithm, the viewer interaction data obtained within the app, throughout the season, is dynamically converted into points earned or lost by the contestants.

Target audience

The show's main target audience is 15-40 year olds, across all socio-economic status (SES) groups.

Intended broadcast

The show is suitable for both free tv as well as OTT platforms and can travel internationally with localised production.

IP protected

Master Influencer is registered at The Format Recognition And Protection Association (FRAPA) under ID number FRS-4852.

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Forget previous app-related attempts and don't let them cloud your vision. The future is all about the convergence of TV and social media consumption. We are ready to smartly pioneer.

We are eager to team up with visionary producers and broadcasters who would like to deliver Master Influencer to masses with us across the globe, localized for each market!

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The show’s novel app: Podyum

The mobile app which complements Master Influencer is branded Podyum.

The app has been developed in-house. The core engine of Podyum is based on our one-of-a-kind social discovery app, Kimboo, initially published in 2016. Built on Kimboo’s code base and robust engine, Podyum is ready to be distributed on both iOS and Android platforms.

In this respect Podyum has a distributed core infrastructure (back-end) based on Java; supported by high calculation performance of "in-memory" coding and Kubernetes.

Pioneer the convergence of TV and social media consumption

The TV industry has been struggling to compete with social media over the last decade and has been hemorrhaging viewers to the social platforms.

While the power of TV is still strong, the second-screen phenomenon and the ongoing shift in content consumption is an urgent challenge not only for the traditional TV industry but also for advertising models. And for a whole generation, TV is swiftly becoming the second screen, if not yesterday’s screen.

As competition intensifies, broadcasters must keep investing billions of dollars in developing competitive content year after year. Conversely, social media platforms enjoy and capitalize on the incalculable advantage of free user-generated content.

In this context, Master Influencer’s pioneering format is blending TV content with the dynamics of social media, combining the first and second screens in a single concept. Moreover, the weekly episodes don’t finish after the broadcast is over - the story continues to unfold on the app, where new competing content is available throughout the week.

As such, the show is set to expedite the convergence of social media and TV content consumption.

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We are a tech start-up

As Data Birikim A.Ş. (Inc.) we are an Istanbul based startup focusing mainly on social discovery apps and content. A highly diverse and multifaceted team, our founders, investors and board members have extensive experience and expertise in multiple industries providing a unique strength in today’s extreme competitive ecosystem. Among us are seasoned entrepreneurs, an award-winning film producer and a renowned actor who has hosted "Wheel of Fortune" on Turkish television.

As a company, we’re relatively new to the format ecosystem, but we’re very mature in terms of the mobile-app universe.

We published our first app, Kimboo, in 2016. Kimboo started off as an progressive dating app. In the past 5 years it evolved into an innovative gamified social discovery application. In it, we bundled features from both social media and dating, providing a unique value proposition for users.

Although our broader ambitions are global, Turkey is our primary market at present. Due to its vibrant young population, smartphone as well as social media penetration in Turkey is one of the highest in the world. Obviously, the market is also extremely competitive.

As we matured, our experience in such a challenging market where TV viewership and video consumption are paramount, inspired us to also concentrate on how we could harness the possibilities offered by two distinct domains; TV and social media.

In due course, we created Master Influencer thanks to our agile approach, technology and know-how.

Data Birikim is officially supported by Google Cloud for Startups Program.

We are a proud member of The Format Recognition And Protection Association (FRAPA). You can read FRAPA's interview with our co-founder Denet Tezel, published in October 2021.


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  •  +90 (0) 216 570 09 06
  •  info at databirikim.com